ECE 4760: Final Projects

MicroKart 644

A recordable, replayable, remote control car system.

Colin Schmidt (

Adam Izraelevitz (

"A system to control and record RC car movements via a microcontroller."

Project Soundbyte

The Micro Kart 644 is a mobile device that provides additional capability to the traditional RC car experience. Allowable functions are recording multiple tracks, which consist of all user controls sent to the car over a 25 second interval, and replaying the tracks so the cars replicate the movements made during the recording. In addition, we interfaced with not one but two cars, which allows the user to mix the recording and playing of each car and come up with interesting double track replays. Applications of our system include recording a race between two cars and immediately replaying the race before your eyes.

Radio controlled cars are a classic toy for children, yet most improvements since its invention over 50 years ago have been mechanical in nature - improving their speed, power, or appearance. These improvements have greatly expanded the available market, as there exist a wide variety of toy-grade or hobby-grade cars, electric, nitro or gas powered cars, and a variety of accessories. We decided that by integrating a microcontroller into the controller of these cars, we would provide the user with even more capability to interface with their car, and overall improve their driving experience. Our first attempt was to create an arena where you could play a beacon-capture game in a battle arena against either an artificial intelligent opponent or your friend. When this proved too time consuming to get the video to work, we spent our remaining time implementing some features that did not require video, such as recording a car’s movements and playing them back.