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Sometimes it is useful to program directly on the PIC32. This usually takes the form of an interpreter.

  1. MicroMite MkII on PIC32 by Geoff Graham at
    The 4.5 version at the bottom of this page can be downloaded directly to the PIC32MX250 and runs a version of Basic called MMBasic.
    Just flash the hex file and hook a serial adaptor to pins 11 and 12, as described in the manual.
    Images show the board and a 3-line program edited and running on the PIC32.
    mmbasic boardscreen dump
  3. FORTH by jvwood
    DIOS Forth
    hackaday article on FORTH with link to JONESFORTH
  4. MicroPython
  5. PyMite and Python-on-a-chip
  6. eLua
  7. PicoC and ReMix
  8. PICOL a Tcl interpreter in 550 lines of C code

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