EE 476: Homework 1 due At the start of your first lab period.

  1. Read all of Lab 1. Write the source code necessary to impliment the programming assignment for Lab 1. You may want to consult the assembler manual in the lab. Registers and i/o control names should use the definitions in the file Include any changes you will need to make to the file so that the timer overflow interrupt will work.

  2. Explain the function of this fragment of code which is in (full listing in lab 1).
    1. Why is the first cseg at 2000h?
    2. Why is the second cseg at 7FE2h?
    3. What do you have to modify to use int00 in your own program?
            cseg at 2000H
    ;       -------------
    timer_overflow:         dcw     int00
            cseg at 7FE2H
    ;       -------------
    int00:  br      $

    1. For Lab 3 you will need to drive an earphone from HSO.0. The impedance of the earphone is around 500 ohms. Estimate the output impedance of HSO.0 from the 80196KB data sheet.
    2. Peatman 2.12, assuming the 80196KB and quasi-bidirectional port1.

  3. Do you forsee a reason to use Window 15 on the 80196KB?

  4. Explain the differences between timer1 and timer2 on the 80196KB.
August 1997