EE 476: Homework 3

Due At the start of your 3rd lab period, the week of September 22.
  1. Read all of Lab 3. Write the source code necessary to impliment the programming assignment for Lab 3.

  2. Convert the freqencies given in the writeup to timer1 clock ticks. Can you obtain 0.1% accuracy if you are +/- one clock tick?

  3. Refering to the motor controller design given in class:
    1. Add a limit switch so that the controller can get feedback on the position of the actuator.
    2. How would you modify the controller to control speed rather than position?

  4. How could you use the NORML instruction to figure out which key was pressed in lab 3?

  5. Peatman 4.44 a-c

  6. Why are the note frequencies in lab 3 mostly separated by ratios of 2^(1/6)?
    (Note that this is a "culture question" having little to do with electrical engineering. You may need to hit a music site on the web.)
Sept 10, 1997