EE 476: Homework 3

Due At the start of your 3rd lab period
  1. Read all of Lab 3. Write the source code necessary to impliment the two programs for Lab 3.

  2. Timing considerations:
    1. Convert the freqencies given in the Lab 3 writeup to timer0 clock ticks.
    2. What pre-scaler setting should you use to maximize frequency accuracy, while keeping the reload values within 8-bits?
    3. For the pre-scaler setting you chose, what are the timer reload values for each note? See code from Lab 1 for the definition of "reload".
    4. During playback you need to set the duration of each note. The interrupt rate will be different for each note, hence your timebase will vary with note and you will need to count a different number of interrupts for each note. For notes of 0.25 second duration, how many interrupts will be needed for each note?

  3. Why are the note frequencies in lab 3 mostly separated by ratios of 2^(1/6)?
    (Note that this is a "culture question" having little to do with electrical engineering. You may need to hit a music site on the web.)
Jan 1999
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