EE 476: Homework 3

Due At the start of your 3rd lab period

Read all of Lab 3. In the lab description there is a suggested timing scheme.

  1. For the scheme given, convert the freqencies given in the Lab 3 writeup to timer1 clock ticks. Make sure you use the minimum pre-scaler setting possible to maximize frequency accuracy, while keeping the timer values within 16-bits.
  2. For the scheme given, there are various timing errors which are caused by more than one task becoming ready to run at the same time. When this happens, obviously, one or more tasks must be delayed for the duration of the confilicting tasks. Estimate the worst case timing errors from your draft program code. Can you stay inside the specified 1 millisecond error budget?
  3. How much will the tasks scheduled by timer 0 affect the frequency accuracy of the audio-rate square wave produced by timer 1?

Jan 2002