EE 476: Laboratory 8

Design project.


For this three week period, we want you to pick a project, then design and build it. During this period there will be no other assignments, so we expect you to spend all of your time for this course on the project. You will be expected to be in lab at the usual times and to show significant progress each week of the project. Each week in lab a one-page progress report will be due.

When choosing a project you will need to consider availability of hardware, time available, and your programming skill. Selection of projects will begin in homework #6, due the week of Oct 15-21. You may want to look at several of the links on the 476 hme page for project ideas.


Depends on what you will build. You should talk often to your lab instructor.


You will be graded on several aspects of the project:

  1. Appropriate level of hardware/software complexity.
  2. A project which works according to specification (which you will write).
  3. Completeness and understandability of the documentation. Documentation must include:
  4. Level of effort and organization shown in lab.

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