EE 476: Laboratory 2

Sinewave generator.


You will produce a sinewave generator which is controlled from a LCD pushbutton interface. The sinewave generator frequency will be set by increment/decrement commands on the buttons. The program will display the frequency on the LCD.


You will need to build a simple digital-to-analog converter as shown below.


You may want to code part of your program in assembler. The program organization page has an example of squarewave synthesis in C and ASM. The same program is recoded using a mixture of C and ASM. There is an (all C) example of DDS synthesis.


Write a program and build a circuit which will:

When you demonstrate the program to a staff member, you should exercise the commands and show that the generated frequency is correct to within 1%. You will be competing against every one else in the class for speed. Your maximum frequency will need to be in the upper third of the class to get full credit. The TA must write down your maximum frequency, or it does not count.

Your written lab report should include:

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