ECE 5030 Design project.


For this exercise, we want you to pick a project, then design and build it. During this period there will be no other assignments, so we expect you to spend all of your time for this course on the project. You will be expected to be in lab at the usual times and to show significant progress each week of the project.


When choosing a project you will need to consider availability of hardware, time available, and your construction skill. You may want to look at project ideas.


Depends on what you will build. You should talk often to your lab instructor. You can use any combination of analog hardware, digital interfaces, and Matlab. Matlab can be used for modeling, data aqusition and/or data analysis.


You will be graded on several aspects of the project:

  1. Appropriate level of hardware/software complexity.
  2. Appropriate use of hardware and software.
  3. A project which works according to specification (which you will write).
  4. Level of effort and organization shown in lab.
  5. A demonstration of the final project during the last regular scheduled lab period of the semester. The demonstration will include an explanation of your web page describing the project.
  6. Completeness and understandability of the final report. The html report must be available for viewing when you do the project demo during your last regular lab period, and must be emailed to the instructor (see instructions below) within 48 hours. The web page will consist of one folder with exactly one html file with the file name index.html. In the folder there may be Matlab source files, , images, mpegs, zipped projects, or other supporting documents linked to the one html file.

    Documentation must include all the major sections.
    You may omit specific sections not relevant to your project:
Your web page must be submitted for inclusion on the class web page.
To do this:

  1. Put all of your web page files in one directory. Name this directory with the concantented netids of all the group members, e.g., brl4_rw88
    Since the pages will be on a UNIX server, you should:
  2. ZIP the directory.
  3. email it to Or if it is too big, send it via dropbox at
  4. Submit videos to me for inclusion in the course YouTube channel.

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