BioSignals has all the features of the BioRadio application.  These features include capturing all 8 channels at the sampling rates supported by the BioRadio.  Our application also allows you to choose what channels that you want to view.  Basic high pass and low pass filter is available with the ability to change gain on the viewable channels. BioSignals is capable of printing incoming waveforms.  Saved data can also be opened in this application for later viewing and printing.

Improving on the BioRadio application, BioSignals can output audio for one channel.  In addition to outputting sound for one channel as data comes in, BioSignals can output all wav files for all the channels after all the data has been captured.  Our program is capable of real time signal processing with the ability to perform fft on the fly.  This application will also allow you to copy graphs from the main window for export into another windows application.