††††††††† In order to develop BioSignals, we had to determine the format for the frames of data entering the serial port from the BioRadio.Since Cleveland Medical Devices did not want to give us the format of the frames transmitted by the radio, we feel that we are under legal obligation not to release the frame format.We used readily available code from Matlabís website to develop an interface between Matlab and the BioRadio. To accomplish this connection and also to speed up processing of data from the serial port, this code was written in c.Using the data acqusition toolbox from Matlab, we were able to retrieve data from the BioRadio at appropriate time intervals for display through our software and for writing onto disk.

††††††††††† To develop the graphical user interface in BioSignals, the Matlab guide utility was used to develop a rudimentary interface.Further modification of the code generated by guide utility enabled the interactivity of each menu. For instance, after enabling channels in the setup menu, these channels show up as options to be set in the viewable channels menu.

††††††††††† Other internal Matlab commands aided us in adding signal processing features of our program.The fft command in Matlab allowed us to fft incoming data with ease.Internal sound commands in Matlab also allowed us to output sound as it came in.Finally, print and copy functionality of our application derived out of the print command in Matlab.In conclusion, Matlabís internal array of functions facilitated the development of our BioSignals program.