COrnell Miniature ATmel Operating System (COMATOS)

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Assembly Version

The OS consists of three include files. You will need to include all three. The first,, should be included after the file. The second,, is included by and contains constant and register defintions. The third,, should be included immediately following the interrupt vector table. Remember to name the timer 0 ISR interrupt label OST0ISR. If you are using the built-in UART function, name the UART data empty ISR OSTXISR.

C Version

The version contains two files. The main code file, comatos8515.c, contains all of the functions needed by COMATOS. It should be included after 90s8515.h. Comatos8515.c includes comatos8515.h, which must also be downloaded. This header file includes variable and constant definitions used by the OS.

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