EOD Simulator


The simulator was tested with the supplied test EOD and SPI files (here). The files were greatly varied in length and sampling rate, proving excellent tests for the simulator. All of the files loaded successfully and were concatonated into WAV files and output properly. The timing seemed much better than when the file was output in realtime. The choice of prerecording a WAV file seemed to be a good choice as it yielded much better output.

The main problem remains the memory issue. The maximum amount of sound that can be created at once is about 20 seconds, which is either 20 seconds of one channel or 10 seconds of both channels. It seems that the best solution would be to individually create several files and then concatonate the WAV files. While there are separate programs to do this, I have yet to find a way to do this elegantly through a MatLab interface.

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Created May 15th, 2001.