The custom software allows the user to set the desired cutoff frequency into the device.

Download Software

- Atmel C-code and .asm code

-AVR C-Project zip file

-Active Filter Controller program

-Active Filter Controller Visual Basic source

Active Filter Controller Instructions and Features


This simple GUI interface written in Microsoft Visual Basic allows the user to scroll though all of possible frequencies combinations. The software also gives the syncrazation status of the device and tells the user what commutation port the device is located on.


In order to change the Commutation Port just click the "Configure COM port" button.


The software also has error checking so if the COM port is not available it will give this error box.


The software also has error checking for the synchronization of the device. If the device is not check synchrized, the red error message will occur. To attempt to resynchronization the device just click the "Resync" button.


Another feature of the device is its ability to be calibrated. The cutoff frequencies are generated using an ideal 1 mega-ohm variable resistor. It is possible to compensate for the AD7376 variable resistors because they are not ideal. In order to compensate simply manually enter the real resistance of the AD7376 variable resistor. This is done by measuring the resistance between pins 1 and 2 of AD7376, the value should be around 1 mega-ohm but will have a slight variance. After the software has this information it generates a new cutoff frequency table.