Digital oscilloscope and high speed analog conversion card
for the DE2 development board.

By Adam Walter Hart

This project covers the development of a hardware and software solution to high speed
analog signal generation and capture on the DE2 FPGA board. The hardware portion consists of
a daughter card for the DE2 that houses a digital-to-analog and an analog-to-digital converter
and interfaces with the motherboard’s Cyclone II FPGA. The software portion consists of
Verilog code that implements an oscilloscope and function generator in the FPGA. The
oscilloscope and generator can be configured to operate in different modes. The project was
successful in achieving the desired functionality at acceptable rates of operation, but
performance was limited by design decisions and the simplicity of the approach taken.

Full report (pdf)

QuartusII ( project archive

Schematic and layout files for the AD-DA board (generated by gEDA under Linux)