Wireless Digital Video Camera

By Benjamin Zhong Xian Tang

The objective of the project is to build a cheap wireless monitoring system for slowly varying environments. The system can be used to monitor bee hives, house solar panels and activities in the compound. The system consists of two IEEE802.15.4 Standard-compliant wireless transceiver modules and microcontrollers, a CMOS digital camera, PC Graphical User Interface (GUI) and serial port modules. The wireless transceiver modules communicate between the camera-side embedded system and the PC-side embedded system. The sequence of images sent from the camera-side transceiver is received wirelessly by the PC-side transceiver. The PC-side transceiver then transfers the images to the PC via the PC’s serial port. The sequence of images is displayed in the GUI. The GUI also features recording, playback of recording and deletion of recording functions, controllable by the user through the GUI.

Full report (pdf)

PCB design files

C source

Java host source