Energy Monitor

by Xi Guo

The system detailed in this document was originally designed to monitor and control the energy
usage of household electric appliances through wall-sockets and a separate handheld interface
device with near field communications with 13.56 MHz carrier frequency. After researching and
looking for similar project, each individual system (e.g. power sensing circuit, near field
communication) of the project was designed, built, successfully implemented and tested.
However, due to time constraints and lack of testing, the assembly of the complete system was
not finished and could not be fully tested. The ultimate goal for this project is to fully design and
build a working prototype of the power monitoring/controlling system that is safe, easy to use,
accurate, as well as inexpensive to make with readily available parts. Even though the project
failed to provide a working prototype of the original design, the experience learned working with
the communication system as well as the final design and implementation could prove to be
useful in future projects.

Full report (pdf)

Source code