Wireless Interface for the "DANI" (Dynamic Automated Nutrition Innovations) Diet Aid Weight Scale

By Jsoon Kim

This project entails the development of a microcontroller board and PC graphical user interface that together comprise a prototype of the “DANI” (Dynamic Automated Nutrition Innovations) weight scale, a portion control and diet aid scale designed by a group of Cornell students. The microcontroller board will process electrical signals from a strain gauge, convert the signals to weight data, and send the data wirelessly to a Bluetooth enabled device. A graphical user interface running on a remote PC will allow the user to interpret this weight data in terms of the nutritional value of the food item weighed. This project will be a key component in the development of the DANI scale, which if successfully commercialized, will be a revolutionary diet aid helping curtail the trend of rising obesity in the United States.

Full report (pdf)