Data Acquisition Unit for a CVT Dynamometer

By Michael Kilzer

This report discusses the design, implementation, and testing of a custom-built data acquisition board for the Baja SAE team at Cornell University. Specifically, the data acquisition unit is to be used on the team's continuously variable transmission dynamometer. The CVT is responsible for transmitting the power from the motor to the gearbox which drives the wheels of the Baja vehicle. Therefore, it is important to correctly tune the CVT for maximum power throughput using the dynamometer. This project aids in that endeavor by providing the team with the means to collect data from 16 analog channels, each with 12-bit accuracy. Hardware has also been implemented to amplify and filter the analog signals coming from various sensors the team may use. Furthermore, the project provides the team with the capability to integrate digital components and motor controllers for additional extensibility in its dynamometer setup. The data gathered by the data acquisition unit is sampled at a user-specified rate and sent to a computer terminal for further processing. The data acquisition unit is user-configurable via a command string sent from the computer to the unit via USB. Testing of the external interrupts, ADCs, and filter frequency response are performed to show that the project meets its specifications.

Full report (pdf)

Poster (pdf)


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