Eye Monitored Wheel Chair Control for people with Quadriplegia

By Ankur Thakkar and Darshan Shah

Statistics suggests that there are 11,000 new cases of quadriplegia every year in United States
of America. Great people like Stephen Hawking and Max Brito have been suffering from this
crippling phenomenon. Our project is an attempt to make lives of the people suffering from this
phenomenon simple and by simpler we mean self-reliant, which will thereby reinstate their confidence
and their happiness. The idea is to create an Eye Monitored System which allows movement
of the patient’s wheelchair depending on the eye movements. We know that a person suffering
from quadriplegia can partially move his eyes and tilt his head, thus presenting an opportunity for
detecting those movements. We have created a device where a patient sitting on the Wheel Chair
assembly looking directly at the camera, is able to move in a direction just by looking in that direction.
The camera signals are monitored by a MATLAB script, which will then guide the motors wired
to the AtMega1284P Microcontroller over the Serial Interface to move in a particular direction.
The system is cost effective and thus can be used by patients spread over a large economy range.

Full report (pdf)

Poster (pdf)