MOOC for Microcontroller Design Course

By Mingming Dai, Junhao Dong, Yun Hao, Yuanyuan Gong, Yize Li

The design project is to develop a strategy for MOOC lab delivery and implement it for a
online course which is like a web version of ECE 4760. MOOC means massive open
online courses, and ECE 4760 is a lab-based microcontroller design course in Cornell
University which uses hardware and software techniques to teach students a variety of
design skills, culminating in a large design project. In order to let massive users take
lectures and do labs and then grade others' works online, we hook up, a
free online platform for developing and debugging electronic projects, to the content
management and homework grading system made by ourselves. The content management
is realized with PHP, WordPress and Mysql, and the grading component is based on
web-based peer review grading method. Our goal is to create a safe service with high
scalability to let people around the world learn the basic knowledge of microcontroller
and put theories of it into practice without buying microcontrollers and accessory parts
and get feedbacks on their way of learning.

Address of the MOOC:

Full report (pdf)

Poster (pdf)