Lang Tong

Irwin and Joan Jacobs Professor of Engineering
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Center for Applied Mathematics
384 Frank H.T. Rhodes Hall
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853
Phone/Fax: (607) 255 - 3900/9072

Lang Tong joined Cornell University in 1998 where he is now the Irwin and Joan Jacobs Professor in Engineering and the Cornell site director of the Power Systems Engineering Research Center (PSerc).  He received the B.E. degree from Tsinghua University, Beijing, P.R. China in 1985, and PhD degree in EE from the University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana in 1991. He was a  Postdoctoral Research Affiliate at the Information Systems Laboratory, Stanford University in 1991.
His current research focuses on energy systems and smart power grid. In particular, his group investigates data analytics, system optimization, and market issues associated with renewable energy, storage, and the electrification of transportation systems. He is part of the Engineering and Economics of Electricity Research Group. He was also a faculty advisor for the Ithaca Math Circle.

Lang Tong is a Fellow of IEEE. He received the 2004 Best Paper Award (with Min Dong) from the IEEE Signal Processing Society, the 2004 Leonard G. Abraham Prize Paper Award from the IEEE Communications Society (with Parvathinathan Venkitasubramaniam and
Srihari Adireddy), and the 1993 Outstanding Young Author Award from the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society. He is a coauthor of seven student paper awards, including two IEEE Signal Processing Society Young Author Best Paper Awards (Qing Zhao in 2000 and Animashree Anandkumar in 2008) for papers published in the IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing. He was named as a 2009 Distinguished Lecturer by the IEEE Signal Processing Society. He was the recipient of the 1996 Young Investigator Award from the Office of Naval Research.
Research Group
Honors and Awards

Sample Projects:
  • Reversing the death spiral: Sustainable Integration of Renewables and Storage in Distribution Systems (NSF)
  • An Engineering and Economic Pathway to Electric Vehicle-Based Transportation (NSF)
  • Information and Computation Hierarchy for Smart Grid (NSF)
  • Probabilistic Forecasting of Congestion and Locational Marginal Price (DoE)
  • Past Projects

  • Selected Recent Publications:
    Energy Systems and Smart Power Grid
    Statistical Inference, Machine Learning, and Signal Processing
    Information theory and network theory

    Additional Publications:
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  • Course Offering:
  • Fall 2016: ECE2200: Signals and Information
  • Spring 2017: "ECE5555: Stochastic Systems: Estimation and Control

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    "Each morning before breakfast every single one of us approaches an urn filled with white and black balls. We draw a ball. If it is white, we survive the day. If it is black, we die. The proportion of black balls in the urn is not the same for each day, but grows as we become older.... Still there are always some white balls present, and some of us continue to draw them day after day for many years."---J. Neyman and E.L. Scott

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