Selected Media Coverage

2007 / Interview on NPR's Talk of the Nation: Science Friday by Ira Flatow about the First International Workshop on Image Processing for Artist Identification created and organized by Professor Johnson that addresses putting the tools of math, science and engineering to the job of helping art historians and museum curators authenticate works of art.

2007 / Feature article "Is that painting real? Ask a mathematician" in Christian Science Monitor (on May 10, 2007).

2008 / NOVA Science Now feature on Art Authentication describes a challenge posed to the teams participating in the First International Workshop on Image Processing for Artist Identification organized by Professor Johnson. A podcast describing how this feature was created is also available.

2010 / Interview on Science Cabaret on Air on WICB (on July 25, 2010) about applying signal processing in the multidisciplinary effort to authenticate paintings.

2014 / An Associated Press story ``Cornell Professor Unlocks Mysteries of Paintings'' (released on November 19, 2014) reports on Professor Johnson's research in computational art history devoted to developing signal processing tools that characterize and compare manufactured patterns in art support materials (article, video). Another feature on the same subject was broadcast (initially on December 11, 2014) on public radio.

2015 / Story (on May 28, 2015) in Cornell Chronicle on interdisciplinary course at Cornell (ArtH 4605 - Art|Science Intersections: More Than Meets the Eye) for which Prof. Johnson was on the teaching team.

2015 / Professor Johnson's contributions on canvas weave analysis to the 8-year technical study of the Saul and David -- now attributed to Rembrandt -- put Cornell University in the news (on June 10, 2015) as assisting this reassessment.