ECE 4760: Final Project

Lazer Duel

Fun that you cannot put down

XiaoXing Zhao (

Fred Kummer (

Douglas Katz (

"A two player expandable Lazer Tag game using IR radiation as ammunition that communicates life statistics wirelessly over radio."

project soundbyte

For our ECE 4760 final project, we designed and built a Lazer Duel game system involving two guns and a base station commucating over ultra low power RF tranceivers. We can shoot and detect shooting useing an IR emitter/receiver on the guns. The base station will coordinate the game by allowing two players to join and will end the game once a player loses all lives. All communication between the guns and the base station will be done wirelessly using the RF transeiver.

Our design achieves full functionality by allowing two players, each wielding a "lazer" gun to run around and shoot each other within a range of 20 meters. We also implemented sound effects such as the futuristic gun sounds to further enhance player experience. The base stations uses a TFT display to keep track of player lives and will signal both guns via radio to end the game once a player loses all lives.

So much fun!

Final Design