The Ultimate Alarm Clock


The high-tech student of today has many tools at his disposal for keeping track of his hectic schedule. From computer date books to Palm Pilots, every event can be tracked. But however well organized he is, nothing will help him if he is oversleeps. The alarm on a personal organizer is too quiet, and most alarm clocks offer limited functionality. To solve both problems, we developed an alarm clock for today's world.

Our alarm clock features a large, bright time display, easily visible in the bedroom. It also features a loud, irritating alarm, sure to wake even the soundest of sleepers. By far the most innovative part of the alarm is the LCD display, which gives the date, alarm status, and status for setting the clock.

Additionally, we have a keypad for input which further expands usability. Each function has a unique keypress (as opposed to complex patterns of keypresses required by other clocks), and future expansion of functionality is simplified due to the numerous available keys that can be reassigned.

The basic design of the clock simultaneously offers functionality, simplicity, and upgradability.

Webpage created by Joel Avrunin ('01) and Philip Weiss ('00).
Created May 4, 2000. Last updated May 6, 2000.