Program Listings
The following code was developed and generated with the CodeVisionAVR C Compiler.

File Date Size Comment
final6.c 04/29/01 [20.3 KB] - Draws a variable number of points as input by the user.
  Allows for change of resolution and calibration, all via LCD/keypad
final2.c* 04/23/01 [6.69 KB] - Draws a diagonal line of a hardcoded length and direction from the origin.
vertlineb.c* 04/20/01 [3.89 KB] - Draws a vertical line of a hardcoded length from the origin.
steptest2.c* 04/18/01 [2.41 KB] - Test program that drives two stepper motors. Has manual controls using pusbuttons.
steptest.c* 04/11/01 [1.85 KB] - Simple stepper motor test program.


* Indicates code is not completely documented, and may also provide some undesirable results