The Mission
The idea behind this vertical plotter scheme is a journey into VP-space, a distinct change of basis from the traditional Cartesian coordinate system. The configuration consists of two stepper motors controlling lengths of string attached to a writing instrument, such as a dry-erase marker. We are very excited to witness what could potentially be the horizon of a new frontier in vertical plotting. This highly secretive project is known only as VP·SQUARED. We have comprised a nine-step process to unlock the mystery that is VP·SQUARED, as outlined below. The eighth goal is time dependent.

The Objectives
1.   Get stepper motor to make one step and a then a precise number of steps.
2.   Get the stepper motors to release and retract a specific string length.
3.   Build the mounting for the stepper motors and a mounting for the cursor, and maintain contact with the board. ("assembly")
4.   Build an off-board programmer and circuit board.
5.   Draw a vertical line.
6.   Be able to take the marker off the board, and put it back down.
7.   Draw preset figures, lines then circles then, composite shapes from these.
8.   a. Draw lines/functions input from the UART.
      b. Draw lines/functions input from the keypad.
      c. Draw lines/functions input from a java applet.
9.   Above and Beyond