Hardware Parts Listing


Components Used:

Atmel Mega163 MicroController. Using a 4 MHz clock, this chip has two 8-bit counters, 16K of FLASH Memeory, one, 16-bit counter, 32 programmable data lines, 8-channel, 10-bit DAC, three PWM Channels, RS-232 port, Analog Comparator and more. (NOTE: we did not use all of these features...)
Development Board. 4 MHz Crystal soldered on.

Hyundai LCD (256x128) Onboard Controller SED1330F
5 Vdc Logic, 18V Vdc LCD Voltage
8 data lines, 5 control lines
5.8" x 4.58" graphic display module
Viewing area is 5" x 2.75".
SED1330F onboard controller.
STN gray positive type display.
[Data Sheet]

[NES Controller]
The original Nintendo Entertainment System Controller (from FuncoLand...). It has 4 buttons: A, B, Select, and Start; and a 4-button direction pad.

[ECE 232 Protoboard]
We used this device to supply the required V0 voltage for the contrast of the LCD (~-11.25V)

Hardware :

[1] [HG25504NG-01] - [2] [NES Controller] - [3] [Breadboard]
[4] [STK200 and ATMega163] - [5] [ECE 232 Protoboard]