The purpose of our final project was to construct an interactive video game: Pong. The game offers a one-player mode, in which the player controls both paddles, and a two-player mode, in which two players compete. Additionaly, the player(s) are able to set several options, such as ball speed, paddle size, and winning score. Selecting high speeds and small paddle sizes makes the game more difficult and more enjoyable. In order to facilitate game play, we use NES controllers and a 256x128 pixel LCD screen(see hardware for more details).

We chose this particular project design because we decided that it would be very entertaining and worthwhile, and the results are indeed quite satisfying. The project gave us a good intuition into microcontroller programming, and it let us explore some interesting devices. We hope that anybody else who looks at this documentation can benefit from the work we did. The sections are outlined below: