Ariana: "What do you want to do for our final project?"

Norapon: "Hmm…" Paused and started thinking.

Ariana: "Come on, we need to decide as soon as possible what to make."

Norapon: "Well, got to do something cool, you know."

Ariana: "What do you think of this?" Showed him a picture of a cricket robot.

Norapon: "Hmm….looks cool, but…." Foresaw himself in Rhode Hall machine shop fabricating a big cricket.

Ariana: "But what?"

Norapon: "I am just worried about the mechanical part."

Ariana: "There is really not much there, looks pretty simple."

Norapon: "The legs"

Ariana: "They are just 6 tubes, easy to make and connect, right?" "Come on, gonna be very impressive if we do this. Let's try, let's try…"

Norapon: "Ok… ok…. I'll do it."

Our project went on from here…


So, what is our "Cricket Robot"?

It's a HexWalker, six-leg walker cricket robot. It can walk, chirp 4 different sounds, and turn when it bumps into something.

Guess what! You can even control our cricket with your home TV remote !!!

Our Cricket Robot is a challenging and interesting project, which employs knowledge and skills in various engineering disciplines.

Though we spent much time designing and building the robot, and experienced much difficulty and frustration along the way, we really enjoyed it !!!