March 30 through April 12
  • Evan
    Redesigned laser assembly
    Decided Schmitt triggers were unnecessary once phototransistors were tested and they produced
    5 V across an emitter resistor with the laser shining and less than 0.5 V without the laser
    Determined how we want to make the sailboat move depending on wind magnitude and direction,
    rudder adjustments, and sail height involving 16 directions

  • Dawn
    Designed 5x5 figures for sailboat
    Brought Legos from home back from spring break
    Adapted code from website and previous labs to work with Atmel Mega32 microcontroller rather than
    Mega 163 in order to display onto television

  • Both
    Reviewed feedback on project proposal
    Created parts list and realized that the original design for the laser assembly using
    half-silvered mirrors, mirrors, eight phototransistors, and one laser was above set price limit
    Found required parts for new design: four phototransistors and four lasers
    Built Lego platform for laser and phototransistor assembly
    Wrote first progress report
April 13 through April 19
  • Evan
    Wrote first implementation of sailboat movement on screen with wind and rudder input
    Soldered wires to phototransistors
    Taped lasers and phototransistors to Lego platform
    Wrote second progress report

  • Dawn
    Designed and coded all screens including instructions and maps for game
    Implemented clear screen and accounted for timing required to display onto television
    Only 14 large characters or about four lines can be drawn at a time
    Designed map so that ship can travel on area totaling four television screens
    Relearned HTML and created outline for entire website

  • Both
    Finalized Lego platform
    Tested code and helped each other when possible in wiring and testing code
April 20 through April 26
  • Evan
    Finished programming for sailboat movement including effects from wind, sail, and rudder
    Programmed and tested firing of cannonball
    Programmed and tested for collisions between sailboat and land
    Determined pirate movement
    Added cannon capability to pirates

  • Dawn
    Programmed and tested switching between screens on television
    Programmed and tested indicator functionality within game
    Wired phototransistors to breadboard and tested laser design with microcontroller
    Continued progress on web pages: Task Breakdown, References, Cost List, Schematics, etc.
    Wrote third progress report
    Added and tested all treasure and scoring functions

  • Both
    Integrated code and discussed what tasks needed to be done
    Tested each others code and functionality and added input
    Determined important logic for cannons, collisions, etc.
April 27 through May 2
  • Both
    Wrote information for website
    Finished debugging problems with pirate movement and cannons