Dart Game- 301

The purpose of 301 is to throw darts at any region until your score gets down to 0. The winner is the person who can hit 0 the fastest. Each round, each play is given three dart throws. The total for each player is reduced by the dart region hit on the board, and includes the triples, doubles and bulls eye regions. For instance, a triple 20 would reduce your score by 60 points.

The trick is reaching 0 exactly. If one exceeds 0, it is called a Bust, and the player's dart score is reset to what he had before the round started. For example, Chan has 21, he hits a 16 with the 1st dart, a 4 then a 6. This is a Bust, and he will start with 21 the next round.

The picture below shows an example of 301 being played. It is currently round 2, and player 2 has just thrown 3 darts. His last throw was a triple 18, which is indicated by the message area.