Dart Game - Grade Game

The Grade game is a new game that was invented for this project. It was based on a thought that students should be able to get a grade in a class based on what they can score with darts.

The game is only played for one round since a person has just one shot to make the grade. Each person gets 5 dart throws. The bounce-out function was disabled to make the action more intense. The regions score just like the other games, with doubles, triples, and bulls eye counting. The grading scale is based on anything less than 50 is a F, and anything greater than a 110 is a A+. The middle grades are increased every 5 points.

In this picture there are 4 players, with players 1, 2, and 3 already receiving their grades. Player 4 has throw all his darts and is just about to receive his grade. Looks like a D. Someone needs to play dart more.