As with any game, even after a final version is reached, there sadly remains any number of further improvements that could have been possible, more endings to the sentence "Wouldn't it be cool if…?" if given more time to tinker.

In the case of our project, if we had been able to cram more time in at the lab, we could've attempted:

1. Sound. Although MazeRunner is a unique game of our own design, and has no trademark sounds associated with it (to make the lack noticeable) we could've created some of our own. However, given the extended time used up in getting the maze generation working, we ended up focusing much more on getting the features we wanted into the game. ((Not to mention, we were glad we weren't contributing to the annoyance factor in the lab of listening to everyone else's projects beep off-key.))

2. It would have been nice, as well, if we could've done more to build a casing for the game, although making it portable wasn't really an option, with the need for a television, even one as small as we were using.

3. If we'd had more SRAM, we would've loved to have had a much larger maze, conceivably extending outside of the normal screen area, but as it was, we were pushing the limits just in creating our 10x10 maze area, along with the required game functions.

4. In our more ambitious moments, we wish we'd had time to add two-player competitive, in addition to two-player co-operative mode. This would've required, certainly, the addition of another board, another chip, communications between the two chips, and an additional TV, so that two separate mazes could be created, displayed, and raced through simultaneously.