We didn't reach our original goal of making a complete black and white replica of Pac-Man for the Commodore 64, but we think we got pretty close. We have two ghosts using a slightly-retarded (otherwise it would be way too difficult) search-and-destroy algorithm chasing Pac-Man. Everything that we have now works pretty much flawlessly. The ghosts don't get stuck in corners and keep moving at all times. Pac-Man is the only one that consumes pills and the pill counter reacts accordingly. Collision with ghosts is detected properly and Pac-Man's death scene is done correctly. There is never any flicker since we have divided up the work of erasing and drawing across several lines. The video timings are thus always accurate. The Pac-Man we have can be plugged into any TV with an available video composite input and played right now. We address what we would have liked to do in the Conclusions section of our webpage.

For now, please click here for a look at the demonstration run we recorded of the game.