TAP THE DANCE    Para Para

ECE 476 Final Project -- Spring 2003


  Nowadays in the video gaming industry, one of the most popular categories of game is music and motion simulation game. There are games where players are required to play the drum according to the matching signals and the music of the game; there are games where players play the midi keyboard according to the matching signals on the screen.  However, the game that motivated all these games is called “Dance Dance Revolution” produced by Konami in 1998.  We are inspired by this game to build our very own “Dance Dance Revolution” for our ECE 476 final project.
  The game can be divided into three major parts. First, songs, which are usually popular soundtrack, are played by the gaming machine. Second, on the game display, arrows are shown indicating which direction the player should step on. These arrows are shown on music beat to tell how the player should dance. Last, there is a dancing mat with four big arrows which the player steps in accordance with the matching arrow step pattern on the screen.


Our game design follows the above specification very closely.  So now, may we present our very own Dance Dance Revolution.


DDR Pad    

The actual dance game machine