Portable Security System


Consider you are in a research lab that handles highly hazardous material. You don't want anybody to enter the room, to even come close to the door. Or consider yourself doing something highly confidential in a room that you would like to know if someone is trying to get in. In all these cases, you might find that a portable security system is useful.

First, having a security system that is able to sense a peson touching the doorknob will give you warning and enough time to react to the visitor, whether or not to allow him/her to enter. Secondly, if the system is able to sense an opening door, even if you accidentally leave the door opened, you may still have enough time to react. Thirdly, you may of course find it useful if the system is able to sense someone or any movements in the room.

Our final project is a portable security system that consists of several sensors with each having a different objective. Each sensor is aimed at detecting some kind of security breach. Most importantly, the entire system is portable, because we make use of two MCUs and wireless RF transmitter / receiver. If the room is huge, appropriate security breach messages can still be communicated from the door to the person inside the room.

Another important note about this project is that the system is easily expendable to accommodate more sensors in order to perform more functionalities. This project is basically built up from several different subsystems with each sensor acting as an integral part of a subsystem. Therefore this project can easily be upgraded in the future to make it more robust and complete.

This project can also be operated in two different modes. One is the online mode (connected to a PC), while the other is the offline mode (not connected to PC). In online mode, the PC is able to act as an administrator to control the functions and to stop the alarm if any of the security subsystem is triggered. In offline mode, the serial connection to PC is disabled and thus the alarm can only be stopped if the correct four digits code are entered into the keypad. Offline mode has limited functionalites compared to online mode.