Sound Bite

We implemented a black-and-white video (TV) game adaptation of the old DOS classic known as Digger, by Windmill Software.


On the Game Start screen, a choice between a multiplayer mode and an AI mode is offered. The multiplayer mode supports three players simultaneously for the Digger and both Nobbins. In the AI mode, one player controls the Digger and the Nobbins are AI-controlled.

In this game, the Digger tunnels its way through an underground mine, in an attempt to consume all the emeralds to win. On the other hand, two non-tunneling Nobbins chase the Digger and attempt to catch it before all the emeralds are gone. Every now and then, a random emerald gains special markings which distinguish it from the others. If the Digger can consume that emerald before the markings disappear, the Digger gains a speed boost for a limited time.


















If the Digger successfully consumes all emeralds, the time taken to complete the game is displayed on the screen, along with the best time so far. If the Nobbins catch the Digger, only the best time is displayed, along with a ‘lose’ message.

We chose to implement a game because we both enjoy games and wanted to make one of our own. In particular, we chose Digger because we felt that this game had sufficient complexity for a final project. Additionally, at least one of us was able to provide input on the how the game should work, having played it many times before.

On a more personal note, Chien Chern’s father enjoys playing this game immensely and Chien Chern thought it’d be cool to be able to tell his father that he made the game he still plays almost every night.

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