The pitch

"The Contender" is an interacting boxing game in which the player actively participate in the game with real time punching, ducking, dodging, etc.

The Description and Motivation

This game is a twist of a popular arcade game called "Mocap Boxing", short for Motion Capture Boxing. In this game, the players are asked to hold two boxing gloves and stand in the middle of a motion sensing environment. The screen in front of the player would display a virtual opponent who will throw different punches. Each player gets a life bar and knock outs. The player will have a chance after the opponent throw a punch to punch. After three knock outs, the player wins and advances to the next level. The goal of the game, of course, is to defeat all the boxers in the game and beat the "champion" and become the next boxing champion.


In our version of the VR boxing game, there's only 1 stage, but with 3 levels of difficulties. The player also puts on boxing gloves equipped with accelerometers to measure the acceleration of the "punch", and a weight training belt, also equipped with accelerometers to detect the dodging motion of the player when punches are thrown. The player gets a chance to punch the opponent after the opponent punches. The opponent, depending on the level of difficulty, would have different probability of dodging the player's punch, thus prolonging the match, and tests both endurance and patience of the player. After the life of either the player or the computer is reduced to zero, a score board is shown to rank the player's performance relative to the previous players.

We didn't know what to make in the beginning. We were going to make a real time robot arm control with gloves, in which the user can control the movement and motion of a robot arm by wearing a gamepad glove with USB compatibility and moving in it. Unfortunately, the routine we had to write for the USB driver would be too time consuming. Thus we had to find some other projects to do.

After a trip to Florida and seeing Mocap Boxing in one of the arcades, we had so much fun with it that we decided to make our own version of this boxing game so we can play it all we want without having to feed quarters. Besides, both of us are avid video game players, we want to make something that we both would enjoy for the 4 weeks of our final project period. Thus, we aimed to create a game that is simple to pick up and learn, yet entertaining and fun to play. We also wanted to create a game in TV screen since it has a bigger display area than LCDs, and that it's cheaper ($0!!).

This project was a fun and educational experience for the both of us. We enjoyed what we were doing and applied what we learned in class to make something playable.


The Title Screen of our game

The game was completed with Atmel Mega32 microcontroller and a TV from RadioShack. There are two gloves and a training belt equipped with accelerometers.

We are able to finish the game in 3 weeks and kept the cost of the project under the allowed budget ($50).