EE 476: Homework 4

Due At the start of your 4th lab period, the week of September 29.
  1. Read all of Lab 4. Write the source code necessary to impliment the programming assignment for Lab 4. Refer to the example code in lab 4 to see how to handle serial communication.

  2. In lab 4, you are supposed to produce test voltages for each of eight analog input channels using 150 ohm resistor packs. Calculate the voltages you will get using the resistor packs. Will the A/D converter inputs significantly load the voltage divider, given that the accuracy of the A/D converter is about 1/2%?

  3. Refering to the evaluation board manual:
    1. How would you adjust the analog Vref?
    2. How are the analog inputs protected? Will they withstand an accidental connection to +12 volts?

  4. Explain in detail (using flowchart or pseudocode) how you will convert a 10 bit number to a formatted ASCII string.

  5. Given that the A/D converter takes around 25 microSec to perform a conversion, is it worthwhile in lab 4 to detect the end of conversion using an interrupt routine?
Sept 17, 1997