EE 476: Homework 5

Due At the start of your 5th lab period, the week of October 6.
  1. Read all of Lab 5. Write the source code necessary to impliment the programming assignment for Lab 5. Refer to the example code in lab 5 to see how to handle HSO and HSI lines.

  2. Draw a schematic of any circuitry you intend to build.

  3. Refering to the lab writeup, there are two ways shown to measure a capacitance.

    1. For the first method, explain in detail how you would convert a measured time to a capacitance value. Include calibration factors from data sheets where necessary.

    2. For method 2, given that the A/D converter takes around 25 microSec to perform a conversion, how big should the R be to ensure 1% accuracy? How would you use the voltage measured on A/D channel 0?

  4. Do you think that either method 1 or method 2 might have better noise rejection characteristics than the other? Assume that noise might be additive digital switching transient spikes. If you use method 2, what is the largest spike you can tolerate and still get 1% accuracy?
Sept 22, 1997