EE 476: Homework 6

Due At the start of your 6th lab period, the week of October 15th to 21st.
  1. Read all of Lab 6. Write the source code necessary to impliment the programming assignment for Lab 6.

  2. Draw a schematic of any circuitry you intend to build. You will need (at least) two input level shifters and a DAC output. Antialiasing filters are encouraged.

  3. Estimate the sampling rate from your code and the A/D specs. From this rate you can design the antialiasing filters. Also determine how many samples you will need to store to implement a delay time of, say, 0.5 seconds.

  4. Prepare a list of 3 to 5 possibliites for final projects you might implement. When constructing the list be sure to consider the availability of parts, complexity of code, and your available time.
Oct 1, 1997