Homework and Reading for 1DOF Helicopter Lab

ECE 4760, Adams/Land, Fall 2021

In order to complete the first lab checkout on time, the following reading and problems should be completed before the start of the first lab section for this lab.



Question 1

Explain in detail why there is a diode across the motor in lab 3. Include the direction of inductive current flow during each part of the PWM cycle.

Question 2

Explain the physics in the Matlab/Python code. Do so by converting the code back into mathematical expressions and explaining each equation.

Question 3

What MCU hardware is used by ProtoThreads? Can you use Timer 2 for your own code? How about Timer 3 or Timer 5?

Question 4

How could you measure the CPU load caused by the motor control ISR running at 1kHz?

Question 5

Write the code to setup a Timer 2 ISR running at 1000Hz, assuming a CPU clock cycle of 40MHz.

Question 6

Suppose you have a motor controller with only proportional gain, and you see oscillating behavior. How will you augment your controller to suppress these oscillations?