Homework and Reading for Spectrogram Lab

ECE 4760, Adams/Land, Spring 2021

In order to complete the first lab checkout on time, the following reading and problems should be completed before the start of the first lab section for this lab.


All of the reading from Labs 1 and 2, plus:


Question 1

Show how you are going to set up the ADC, and explain every parameter in the setup commands.

Question 2

In order to recover audio freqencies as high as 5kHz, the Nyquist Sampling Theorem states that you must sample the ADC at at least what frequency?

Question 3

Explain why a window function must be applied to the sampled audio data before the FFT algorithm can be performed on that data.

Question 4

Consider the complex number $6+3j$. Use the Alpha max plus beta min algorithm to approximate the magnitude of this complex number.

Question 5

How long will you make your array of ADC samples? Why?