Published student projects 2002-2021:

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(last update on this page 22 July 2022)

  1. Designing and Building a PIC32 Video Game: Sharks and Minnows Multiplayer Game, By Tyler Bisk and Chidera Wokonko
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #384 July 2022 pp 14-19
  2. Asynchronous High-Bandwidth, Low-Latency Communication: CPU-Intensive Devices, By Joseph Whelan, Akugbe Imudia, and Devlin Babcock
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #384 July 2022 pp 20-27
  3. 28: Sunrise Alarm Clock: Wake Up with a Natural Sunrise Simulation, By Jonathan Pfeifer
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #384 July 2022 pp 28-33
  4. Asymmetric VR Game with Custom Microcontroller Peripherals: Collaborative Game, By Cameron Haire, Michaela Bettez, and Daniel Batan
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #383 June 2022 pp 20-27
  5. Make a Stochastic Music Generator: PIC32-Based Design, By William Salcedo, Rishi Singhal and Raghav Kumar
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #380 March 2022 pp 18-23
  6. Build a Maze Generator and Game: Using a PIC32 MCU, By Kyle Infantino, Jack Brzozowski and Dilan Lakhani
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #379 Feb 2022 pp 18-24
    Hunter Adams starts teaching writing ece4920
  7. Build a Motor Dynamometer: Using a PIC32 MCU, By Erika Yu, Aasta Gandhi and Kowin Shi
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #373 Aug 2021 pp 16-23
  8. Build a Sonar Echolocation Ranger: Using the PIC32 MCU, By Evan Kravitz and David Yang,
    Circuit Cellar Magazine, June 2021 #371, pp 6-13
  9. Build an RF-Controlled Robotic Car: Using Two PIC32 MCUs, By Drew Mera, Rohit Krishnakumar and Asad Marghoob,
    Circuit Cellar Magazine, April 2021 #369, pp 6-11
  10. Build a Rubik’s-Cube-Solving Robot: Using a PIC32 MCU, By James Connelly and Shivansh Gupta
    Circuit Cellar Magazine, March 2021 #368, pp 20-25
  11. Build an Automated Fruit-Ripeness Detector: Banana Scan, By Christina Chang, Michelle Feng and Russell Silva
    Circuit Cellar Magazine, Jan 2021 #366, pp 14-19
  12. Meet Bot-Ross the drawing robot, by Sam DiPietro ,Brett Sawka ,Rohan Shah
    Servo Magazine, issue #1 2020 pp 38-45
  13. Building a Smart Weather Cube: Using a Raspberry Pi 3B+, By Alberto Lopez Delgado and Carlos Gutierrez,
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #364 Nov 2020 pp 16-23
  14. Stringless Bass Guitar Uses PIC32: Sensors and Synthesis, By Peter Cook, Jackson Kopitz, and Caitlin Stanton,
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #364 Nov 2020 pp 34-39
  15. Balancing a Ball on a Touchscreen: Using a PID Controller, By Gregory Kaiser and Samuel Feibel,
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #363 Oct 2020 pp 30-35
  16. Forearm-Controlled Robotic Hand: Sensors and Servos, By Cassandra Scarpa and Caeli MacLennan,
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #362 Sept 2020 pp 26-33
  17. Build a Music Composition Assistant: PIC32-Based PICcompose, By Tara van Nieuwstadt, Diane Sutyak and Laasya Renganathan,
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #362 Sept 2020 pp 38-41
  18. EEG Error Correction Interface: Anxiety Takes Control, By Rebecca Bell, Emma Kaufman and Chloe Kuo,
    Circuit Cellar Magazine, August 2020, #361, pp 16-21
  19. Build a Gesture-Controlled Camera Platform: Using a PIC32 MCU, By Kunpeng Huang, Siqi Qian and Xinyi Yang,
    Circuit Cellar Magazine, August 2020, #361, pp 30-37
  20. Build an NTSC Racing Video Game: Using a PIC32 MCU, By Brandon Guo, Dustin Hwang and Haley Lee,
    Circuit Cellar Magazine, July 2020 #360, pp 26-31
  21. Build a Robotic S’more Maker: Using Computer Vision and RPi, By Katie Bradford and Jared Gallina,
    Circuit Cellar Magazine, June 2020 #359, pp 22-29
  22. Build a Rhythm Gesture Game: With RF Comms and PIC32, By Kristina Nemeth, Jennifer Fuhrer and Joshua Diaz,
    Circuit Cellar #357 April 2020, pp 6-11
  23. Build a Soap Carving System: MCU Motor Control, By Ho-Jung Yang and Jared Gallina
    Circuit Cellar #357 April 2020, pp 20-25
  24. Tunable Spectrum Light Fixture: Intelligent Illumination, By Emmett Milliken
    Circuit Cellar Magazine, Issue #355, February 2020, pp 14-19
  25. Motion/Gesture-Controlled Speakers : PIC32 Playback, By Jidenna Nwosu, Benjamin Francis and Ayomi Sanni
    Circuit Cellar Magazine, #354, Jan 2020 pp 6-11
  26. Sound Localization: Using a PIC32 MCU, By JinJie Chen and Alvin Pan
    Circuit Cellar Magazine, #354, Jan 2020 pp 20-26
  27. Build a Simple Quadcopter Drone, By Yijia Chen, Stewart Aslan and Thinesiya Krishnathasan
    Circuit Cellar Magazine, Dec 2019, #353 pp 14-21
  28. Self Organizing Wi-Fi Mesh Network, By Daniel Weber and Michaelangelo Rodriguez
    Circuit Cellar #352, Nov 2019 pp14-19
  29. Multi-Scale Electronic Flute, By Trisha Ray, Parth Bhatt and Qing Yu
    Circuit Cellar #352, Nov 2019 pp24-29
  30. The Laser Harp: A Twist on Modern Instruments, By Alex Hatzis
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #351, Oct 2019 pp 24-33
  31. Building a Portable Game Console, By Juan Joel Albrecht and Leandro Dorta Duque
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #350 Sept 2019 pp 6-11
  32. Guitar Game Uses PIC32 MCU, By Brian Dempsey, Katarina Martucci and Liam Patterson
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #350 Sept 2019 pp 22-27
  33. Portable Digital Synthesizer, By T.J. Hurd and Ben Roberge
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #349 August 2019 pp 30-36
  34. Building a Twitter Emote Robot, By Ian Kranz, Nikhil Dhawan and Sofya Calvin
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #349 August 2019 pp 20-25
  35. Automating the Art of Toast, By Michael Xiao and Katie Bradford
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #349 August 2019 pp 6-11
  36. EOG-Controlled Video Game: Eyes as Interface, By Eric Cole, Evan Mok and Alex Huang
    Circuit Cellar #348 July 2019 pp 6-11
  37. Building a Smart Frying Pan: Connected Control for Chef, By Joseph Dwyer
    Circuit Cellar #348 July 2019 pp 26-31
  38. Haptic Feedback Electronic Travel Aid by Aaheli Chattopadhyay, Naomi Hess and Jun Ko
    Circuit Cellar #347 June 2019 pp 12-19
  39. PIC32 Tames Real-Time stock monitoring by David Valley and Saelig Khattar
    Circuit Cellar Magazine May 2019 #346 pp 10-15
  40. Robotic Arm Plays Beer Pong by Daniel Fayad, Justin Choi and Harrison Hyundong Chang
    Circuit Cellar Magazine May 2019 #346 pp 24-29
  41. Build a PIC32-Based Recording Studio, by Radhika Chinni, Brandon Quinlan, & Raymond Xu
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #345 April 2019 pp 28-33
  42. Guitar Video Game Uses PIC32: Realism Revamp, By Jake Podell and Jonah Wexler
    Circuit Cellar Magazine, #344, March 2019 pp6-13
  43. Smart Pet Collar Uses GPS and Wi-Fi: PIC32-Based Design, By Vidya Ramesh and Vaidehi Garg
    Circuit Cellar Magazine, #344, March 2019 pp20-25
  44. Build a Self-Correcting LED Clock by Eldar Slobodyan and Jason Ben Nathan
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #343 Feb 2019 pp 6-13
  45. Vision System Enables Overlaid Images -- "Superhero Sight" By Daniel Edens and Elise Weir
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #342 Jan 2019 pp14-19
  46. IoT Door Security System Uses Wi-Fi by Norman Chen, Ram Vellanki and Giacomo Di Liberto
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #341 Dec 2018 pp 6-11
  47. Self-Navigating Robots Use BLE by Jane Du and Jacob Glueck
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #341 Dec 2018 pp 26-30
  48. MCU-Based Project Enhances Dance Game, By Michael Solomentsev and Drew Dunne
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #340 Nov 2018 pp20-25
  49. Build a Persistence-of-Vision Display using LEDs and PIC32; Han Li and Emily Sun
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #339 Oct 2018 pp32-37
  50. LIDAR 3D imaging on a budget, by Chris Graef
    Circuit Cellar Magazine, pp 6-11 September 2018 #338
  51. Color recognition and segmentation in real-time; Claire Chen and Mark Zhao
    Circuit Cellar Magazine, April 2018, #333, pages 18-25
  52. Posture Corrrector Leverages Bluetooth, Rohit Jha, Erissa Irani and Amanda Pustis
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #332, pp 16-21, March 2018
  53. Apartment Entry System Uses PIC32,Joe Featherston
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #332, pp 22-29, March 2018
  54. Video gaming console uses PIC32; Dongze Yuo and Yixiao Zhang
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #331, pp 6-13, Feb 2018
  55. Building a VR arm tracker; Emma Wang, Daryl Sew and Zachary Zimmerman
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #331, pp 14-19, Feb 2018
  56. Programmable Ad Hoc Mesh Newwork on PIC32; Alex Wong, Brian Clark and Raghava Kumar
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #331, pp 26-33, Feb 2018
  57. MCU_based platform stabilizer, Jessica Chen ,Adam Chung, Ashley Xue
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #330, pp 28-33, Jan 2018
  58. Massage vest uses PIC32, Harry Freeman, Megan Leszczynski, Gargi Ratnaparkhi
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #330, pp 6-13, Jan 2018
  59. Raster Laser Projector Uses FPGA by James Cassell and Istvan Burbank.
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #329, pp 18-25, Dec 2017
  60. Building a Robotic Candy Sorter by Peter Slater and Mark (Moonyoung) Lee.
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #329, pp 10-17, Dec 2017
  61. Machine Auto-sorts Resistors, Brian Gross, Nathan Lambert, Alex Parkhurst
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #328, pp 24-29, Nov 2017
  62. Building a Robot Hand with servos and electromyography, Michael Haidar, Jason Hwang, Srikrishnaa Vadivel
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #327, pp 24-29, Oct 2017
  63. A physical PIC32-based chess board, Eric Huang and Nathan Shen
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #320, pp 18-27 , March 2017
  64. Glove Keyboard, Vitchyr Pong and Gulnar Mirza
    Circuit Cellar Magazine # 319, pp 30- , Feb 2017
  65. Glove-controlled sketch system, Austin Lee, Andrew Bryan and Jonya Chen
    Circuit Cellar Magazine # 318, pp 16-23, Jan 2017
  66. Medibot, Udit Gupta, Christine Hwang, Ava Tan
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #317, pp 14-21, Dec 2016
  67. BalanceBot, Alex Spitzer and Leo Mehr
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #316, pp 24-31, Nov 2016
  68. Build a wearable synthesizer system, Sean Carroll, James Talmage, and Natalie Moore
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #316, pp 36-43, Nov 2016
  69. Real Time Instrumentation on a PIC32 Microcontroller, Syed Tahmid Mahbub and Bruce Land
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #306, pp 18-25, Jan 2016
  70. Sign Language glove, Roberto Villalba
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #311, pp 34-45, June 2016
  71. DRUMSET: Digitally Recordable, User-Modifiable, Sound Emitting Tool, Roshun Alur
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #310, pp 26-35, May 2016
  72. Serial LEDs as a Ukulele learning tool, Raghav Subramaniam and Jeff Tian
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #309, pp 14-21, April 2016
  73. Drums Anywhere, Richard Quan and Shiva Rajagopal
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #308, pp 16-25, March 2016
  74. Sight Reading Assistant, Victor Fei, Olivia Gustafson, Jose Villegas
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #308, pp 34-41, March 2016
  75. AccelCar, Christine Soong and Shela Wang
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #307, pp 20-25, Feb 2016
  76. Real Time Instrumentation on a Microcontroller, Syed Tahmid Mahbub and Bruce Land
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #306, pp 18-25, Jan 2016
  77. RealTime scrolling spectrogram, Varun Hedge, Hyun Ryong Lee, ece4760
    Circuit Cellar Magazine, Jan 2016, #306 pages 26-33
  78. Microcontroller-based WAV player, Wangcheng Zhou, ece4760
    Circuit Cellar Magazine, July 2015, #300 pages 26-39
  79. WebCam Mouse, Alex Leung and Miles Pedrone, ece4760
    Circuit Cellar Magazine, Jan 2015, #294, pp 24-29
  80. Run with it: Wireless Pedometer, Ellen Chuang, Julie Wang, ece4760
    Circuit Cellar Magazine, Dec 2014, #293, pp 30-40
  81. Microcontroller based blood pressure measurment, Randy Song and Alex Ngai, ece4760
    Circuit Cellar Magazine, Nov 2014, #292, pp 34-40
  82. Ultrasonic Wayfinder. Shane Soh and Eileen Liu, ece4760
    Circuit Cellar Magazine, Nov 2014, #292, pp 26-31
  83. Blasterworks: Laser Tag System, Max Rothstein andRichard Speranza, ece4760
    Circuit Cellar Magazine, Oct 2014, #291, pp 18-27
  84. Build a microcontroller-based stabilization platform. ece4760
    Evan Chen, Geo Xu, Zequn Huang, Circuit Cellar Magazine, Sept 2014, #290, pp 32-39
  85. Hands-On Electrocardiography, ECE5030
    Sean Hubber and Crystal Lu, Circuit Cellar Magazine, August 2014, #289, pp 36-42
  86. Low-Cost, Thermistor Based Respiration Monitor, ECE4760
    Hana Qudsi and Maneesh Gupta Biomedical Engineering Conference (SBEC), 2013 29th Southern; 3-5 May 2013 Page(s) 23 - 24
  87. Self-Reliant Power and Data Management System, ECE4760
    Schlichting, A., Shafer, M., and Garcia, E.,"Multi-source energy harvesting schemes with piezoelectrics and photovoltaics and system power management for an avian bio-logger," Proc. of ASME Conf. on Smart Materials, Adaptive Structures and Intelligent Systems, No. 8130, Sept. 19-21, Stone Mountain, GA, 2012.
  88. 3‐D Paint: AComplete Hardware and Software Package, by William Myers and Guo Jie Chin, ECE4760
    Circuit Cellar Magazine Feb 2013, issue #271, p. 26-31
  89. MCU-based helicopter altitude control, Akshay Dhawan andSergio Biagioni, ece4760
    Circuit Cellar Magazine Jan 2013, issue #270, pp22-28
  90. Auditory Navigator, Garret Phillips, Matt Kinne, Nick Annetta, ECE4760
    Circuit Cellar Magazine Nov 2011, issue #256, pp24-29
  91. Passwords through a touchpad: a gesture-based security system, Daniel Mejia and Jayce Doose ECE4760
    Circuit Cellar Magazine, #252, July 2011,  pp54-62
  92. RFID Checkout System Design, Jigar Shah and Kevin Yang, ECE4760
    Circuit Cellar Magazine Issue #251 June 2011, pages 28-34
  93. Low-Cost, High-Fidelity, Adaptive Cancellation of Periodic 60 Hz Noise, ECE4760 and 4910
    Kyle D. Wesson, Robert M. Ochshorn, Bruce R. Land
    Journal of Neuroscience Methods 185 (2009) 50–55 (pdf) and supplement.
  94. Design a Customizable Virtual Keyboard, Naweed Paya and Venkat Ganesh, ECE4760,
    Circuit Cellar Magazine, issue #227, June 2009 page 14-19
  95. Motion and Music, Andrew Godbehere and Nathan Ward, ECE4760 and ECE4910.
    Wearable Interfaces for Cyberphysical Musical Expression.
    Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression
    (NIME 08), Genoa, Italy, June, 2008. Nathan and Andrew in Italy: 1, 2, 3
  96. Wall of Pong, Adrian Wong and Bhavin Rokad, ECE4760
    Nordic Exceptional Trendshop, NEXT no. 5: MINDBLOWERS, Denmark April 2008,
    (picture of Adrian at show, and another, coverage in Danish newspaper).
  97. FPGA ray tracer, Scott Bingham and Don Zhang, ECE576,
    Circuit Cellar magazine, issue #215, May 2008, page 36
  98. Self-powered solar data logger Abigail Krish, ECE476,
    Circuit Cellar magazine, issue #198, Jan 2007, page 12
  99. Reflow oven controller Ko Ihara and Kashif Javed, ECE476,
    Circuit Cellar Magazine, issue #199, Feb 2007, page 46
  100. RFID security system , Craig Ross and Ricardo Goto, ECE476,
    Circuit Cellar magazine, issue #199, Feb 2007, page 24
  101. kaOS operating system and loader , Nick Clark and Adam Liechty, ECE476,
    Circuit Cellar Magazine,Issue #193 Aug 2006 page 56
  102. AirMouse , Andrew Sawchuk and Joseph Tanen, ECE476,
    Circuit Cellar Magazine,Issue #191 June 2006
  103. Virtual Pool , Choon Kwee Anthony Tay and Danny Chekong Chow, ECE476,
    Circuit Cellar Magazine, Issue #184 November 2005
  104. Mixed analog and microcontroller eimulator Engin Ipek ECE491, May 2003,
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #160, pp 14-19, Nov 2003
  105. Synthesis of a LED-Candle Philip Ching ECE693, December 2001,
    Circuit Cellar Magazine cover article Oct 2002
  106. RISCy Business Part1: Projects by Cornell Students by Jeff Bachiochi,
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #145 Aug 2002
    Featured were six projects from ECE 476 in Spring 2001
  107. RISCy Business Part2: Impressive Student Designs by Jeff Bachiochi,
    Circuit Cellar Magazine #146 Sept 2002
    Featured were three projects from ECE 476 in Spring 2001