ECE 4760: Final Project


A Sound Follower Robot

Tejaswini Srinivasa(

Asmaa M'nebhi (

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"Clap-E, A sound follower robot that follows you everywhere you go as long as you are clapping"

Final Prototype of Clap-E

For the ECE 4760 final project, we designed and built a sound follower robot named Clap-E. As its name implies, Clap-E receives a clap sound and moves toward the source of clapping. It has the ability to change its position after multiple claps and readjusts its path toward the source of sound. We didn’t want our robot to be sensitive to human voice or other “common” surrounding sounds, so it detects mainly clapping. However, if someone generates a sound as loud and sharp as the sound of clapping , Clap-E can follow him or her.