ECE 4760: Final Project

Hand-Motion Chess

with Accelerometers

Omeo Quddus(

Roland Krieger (

Cameron Glass (

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"A glove embedded with accelerometers to play a hand motion-controlled chess game"

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For our ECE 4760 final project, our team designed and built a system with the ability to play the game of chess using embedded gloves. Each player wears a glove (there are two gloves for two players) and uses hand-motions to play a chess application. The chess board graphical user interface is generated using MATLAB, which receives information from the player’s gloves through a serial connection with the microcontroller, and updates the game appropriately. As such, when a player tilts his hand in a certain direction, the cursor on the computer screen moves accordingly. Since the glove also has contact sensors in the form of copper strips on both the thumb and pointer finger, pressing these two fingers together simulates picking up or dropping a piece at the location of the cursor. The goal of our project was to simulate the physical motions involved in playing chess without the need for a physical chess set.