ECE 4760: Final Project

The Air Mouse

An ultrasonic pointer

Chaoping Deng (

Qichao Shao(

Qichao,Chaoping and the Air Mouse

A Simple Demonstration

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"A wireless mouse unit that requires no flat surface by using ultrasonic positioning."

For our ECE 4760 final project,we have designed a surface-less mouse interface using ultrasonic transmission as our final project in this class. The idea is to have a ultrasonic transmitter as a mouse, which represents  the mouse’s position in space, with the left, right clicks functionsaccomplished using touch sensors.The separate components to this project include the hardware-generated signal input and the interface to a personal computer. We use a sonar system to position the mouse, and use touch sensors to trigger clicks. There arethree ultrasonic receivers attached to three corners of a board simulating the computer screen(upper-left, upper-right and lower-left corner respectively).Ultrasound travels at roughly 340m/s, and based on the delay of the reception, we can find the distance between the transmitter and receiver, and handle the position calculation with respect to the screen.We used two MCUs, one to generate the data representing the mouse coordinates and clicks activities, the other to import the data to the PC.Two MCUs communicate wirelessly.  There is also a software interface with a personal computer to deal with transmitted data through serial port of the PC. We implement the USB generic HID class using java  to translate serial inputs into mouse commands.