ECE 4760: Final Project

3D Music Visualization

with Spinning Display

Mengjiao Zhang (

Jessie Lin(

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The primary goal of our ECE 4760 final project is to build a system that generates 3D visual effects on a spinning LED screen according to the beats and tempo of a given song.

As a device that is primarily for entertainment purposes, we want the final design to be simple to control, portable, easy to use and cool. Thus, we decided to generate 3D visual effects by spinning an LED screen around its middle vertical axis. The screen is 10x10 and is a mix of red and yellow LEDs. In order to use the system, the user would run a Matlab script with the song file in the same directory as the script. Matlab will analyse the song and write appropriate parameters to a file for the microcontroller program to use. Then, the user would program the microcontroller and turn on two switches when the song starts. The visual effects will change throughout the song to best reflect the tune.