ECE 4760: Final Project

GPS Navigator and Explorer

Jason Setter (

Jeff Setter (

"A GPS system for navigating and tracking through Google Maps waypoint inputs"

project soundbyte

The idea of the the project is to create a useful device for being able to get directions with any specified path by use of waypoints rather than a path chosen by a GPS as well as being able to follow a path that is offroad. The basis of this project was to provide a way to ski down an unfamiliar mountain without making a wrong turn by loading the path on the device, as well as plotting a new path to be able to view the path later. Note that this also works very well for biking where one may want to choose their own path and ride specific roads rather than going on the shortest path. A normal GPS is able to provide functionality on roads, but not off-road where the paths are not already mapped, so this device is quite beneficial for skiing and snowboarding in particular.

GPS hardware device